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About CBA

CBA exists to share the heart of the Christian faith in mainstream media.


In a nutshell

Our vision is to produce a wide range of positive, thought provoking Christian programmes for top secular radio networks across the country.

CBA recently celebrated 50 years of sharing the heart of the Christian faith. If you’d like to know more about our history, check out our story.


Our team

Phil Guyan

Phil has led CBA since 1995 performing various roles, such as programming, new initiatives, fundraising and marketing. His main role is to bring together great Christian communicators to create compelling programmes suitable for mainstream radio audiences, which communicate the Christian faith in creative ways.

Erin Carpenter

Erin started at CBA part-time in 2003, and began full-time in 2006. She looks after the CBA office and has a variety of administrative duties, such as coordinating special projects, appeals and managing our part-time administration staff. One of her key roles is to look after CBA’s supporters, answering any questions they may have and ensuring all of their details are up to date.

Kate McGlinchey

Kate began working at CBA in 2015. As CBA's Fundraiser she is an integral part of the team and she would be happy to discuss how you can support CBA's work sharing the heart of the Christian faith in mainstream media. 

Lauren Cunningham

Lauren came on board at CBA part-time at the beginning of 2017 to look after our wonderful supporters, process donations and help to keep the office running smoothly.

Stephanie Soh

Steph is our Love It Brand Manager. She helps with the production of programming and content, is our in-house photographer, and dabbles in design.

Mick Andrews

Mick works part-time at CBA as a content creator and editor. He has a long history of storytelling, both as a filmmaker and podcast-creator.

Josh Couch

Josh joined the team in early 2010 to expand CBA’s capacity for programming and other initiatives. He has been directly involved in a variety of jobs including producing programmes, creating promotional videos and managing CBA’s online presence and strategies.

Elesha Gordon

Elesha is the General Manager of Media Chaplaincy, which exists to encourage and support Kiwis working in media. She is also the curator of Salt which supports Christians working in the media.

Rev Francis Ritchie

Frank works part-time at CBA as a chaplain to our Salt network and the wider New Zealand media industry. He also co-hosts our Sunday evening programme, Sundays at Six, alongside Jax van Buuren.

Petra Bagust

A lovely familiar face on New Zealand TV, Petra works part-time at CBA, taking up the leadership of Salt in early 2020.

Sheree Hughes

Sheree is the part-time Chartered Accountant here at CBA. She manages the books and helps to ensure that CBA continues to operate with integrity and responsibility in regard to finances.

Annelies Guyan

Annelies has worked for CBA on and off for nearly two decades. She currently works part-time taking care of various administrative responsibilities, including accounts, and helps with event planning.


Kate's sidekick and our beloved office dog, who's been faithfully bringing entertainment and cuddles since she was a tiny pup.

In the beginning

John Hawkesby was the very first employee of CBA back in the late 1960s. It’s 50 years since John Hawkesby and friends broadcast their first CBA programme from the Hauraki pirate radio ship, the ‘Tiri’. From innovative and audacious beginnings, CBA has gone on to produce thousands of programmes reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.


Watch John retell CBA's origin story in this seven-minute interview. This short video was produced as part of a longer presentation of our work; watch the full version on YouTube

Learn more about our story.

Buy the book

John Hawkesby and John Cowan have written a coffee table book telling the origins of CBA and sharing anecdotes from the past 50 years. Buy a copy today!

Denominational endorsements

Whilst there’s much diversity of belief within the Christian Church, our programmes are about communicating the core essentials of the Christian Faith. It’s this commitment that means we have received endorsements from every major denomination in New Zealand. Below is a selection of comments from a range of Christian leaders.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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“CBA is one ministry that I greatly admire. Their creativity in using radio to clearly and effectively share the gospel of Jesus – in a society that is gasping to survive – deserves our support.“

John Massam, Elder at Ngaire Avenue Bible Church

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