Our Awards

We’ve won many prestigious awards over recent years for our programming.

This success in both local and international radio awards has underscored CBA’s credibility as top-quality programme providers within the New Zealand radio industry.


The Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Show

Every Christmas morning we produce a children’s programme to kick off our all-day Christmas party on Newstalk ZB.

New York Festivals World’s Best
Radio Programs℠

2020 Bronze Award for Best Children’s Programme

2019 Bronze Award for Best Director

2018 Bronze Award for Best Children’s Programme

2017 Silver Award for Best Children’s Programme

2016 Silver Award for Best Children’s Programme

2016 Bronze Award for Best Director

2015 Gold Award for Best Children’s Programme

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NZ Radio Awards

2019 Winner of Best Children’s Programme

2018 Winner of Best Children’s Programme

2017 Winner of Best Children’s Programme

2016 Winner of Best Children’s Programme

2014 Winner of Best Children’s Programme

Christian Media & Arts Australia

2019 Winner of Compelling Content Award

HP Business Class

'HP Business Class' is a business podcast presented by Heather du Plessis-Allan on Newstalk ZB. The series features some of New Zealand's key business leaders - their business journey, the wins, the losses and ultimately, the learnings.

New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs℠

2020 Silver Award for Best Business Podcast

Whostalk ZB

It’s Whostalk ZB - Christmas radio like you’ve never heard before.


The Christmas story, set in a modern Kiwi context, entirely in Dr Seuss rhyme. Featuring Mike Hosking, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Leighton Smith, Stan Walker, Wendy Petrie, Robyn Malcolm, Sir Peter Leitch and an array of Newstalk ZB personalities.

NZ Radio Awards

2019 Winner for Best Creative Feature

New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs℠

2019 Silver Award for Best Writing

London International Awards

2019 Bronze Award for Radio & Audio Script Writing


During our Good Friday broadcast on Newstalk ZB we told the story of a book that changed the course of history for many Māori tribes.

NZ Radio Awards

2019 Finalist for Best Creative Feature

New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs℠

2019 Bronze Award for Best Religious Programme

Newstalk 33AD

Throughout our Good Friday broadcast on Newstalk ZB we crossed live back 2000 years to news reports from the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs℠

2017 Gold Award for Best Writing

2017 Silver Award for Best Religious Programme

Christian Media & Arts Australia

2017 Winner of Most Engaging Radio

NZ Radio Awards

2018 Finalist for Best Creative Feature

2017 Finalist for Best Creative Feature

Martin Crowe Tribute

After the death of cricketing legend Martin Crowe we edited a tribute montage from his interview on Real Life and distributed the piece to stations throughout New Zealand via our Love It Media sub-brand that same day.

NZ Radio Awards

2017 Finalist for Best Creative Feature

ANZAC Centenary Tribute

This radio documentary commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in WWI.

New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs℠

2016 Gold Award for Best Writing

2016 Silver Award for Best History Documentary

NZ Radio Awards

2016 Winner of Best Documentary

The Christmas Truce

Leighton Smith voiced this telling of the Christmas Truce of 1914 along the Western Front.

NZ Radio Awards

2015 Winner of Best Documentary

Newstalk BC

Transporting listeners through space and time to Judea 1BC, we tune in to Jerusalem’s number one talk station, Newstalk BC. This imaginative programme was part of our Christmas Day broadcast on Newstalk ZB.

AIB Awards in London

2014 Winner of Best Creative Feature

New York Festivals World’s Best
Radio Programs℠

2015 Gold Award for Best Writing

2014 Gold Award for Best Talk/Interview Special

2014 Gold Award for Best Director

2014 Silver Award for Best Religious Programme

2014 Silver Award for Best Performance by an Actor

Petra Bagust: Educating kids about pornography

Petra Bagust presents a documentary about the risks pornography can have for young viewers, and gives parents advice on how they can keep their kids safe. Listen to the documentary here.

New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs℠

2018 Bronze Award for Social Issues

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