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This Christmas,
help share the love
- actually.

Help broadcast the Christmas story on
mainstream radio.


CBA needs your help so that 250,000 ordinary Kiwis, who will not be at church this Christmas, will have the opportunity to hear the Good News on Newstalk ZB.

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60 second talk - Click here to download
A talk you could read out as part of your service.

Bulletin notice - Click here to download

A paragraph you can include in your bulletin/newsletter.

Resources for your church

We have created a bundle of resources for you to use at your church community. Feel free to use one or all of the below.

Love Actually video - Click here to download

PowerPoint slide - Click here to download

A4 poster - Click here to download

A5 handouts - Click here to download

How we share Jesus

At CBA, we don’t have our own radio station - we create award-winning programmes for mainstream secular networks.

Our mission is to share the heart of the Christian faith in mainstream media. For the past two decades Newstalk ZB has enlisted CBA to produce their Christmas broadcasts.

Since our audience is predominantly non-religious, we’re always on the look out for creative and fresh ways to talk about God, faith and spirituality.

This Christmas 2020 we’ll do this once more with our stellar team of talented Christian communicators.​

Newstalk ZB programme schedule

Christmas Eve

  •  6pm-9pm: Rev Frank Ritchie and Jax van Buuren

  •  9-11.30pm: John Cowan

  • 11.30pm-12am: Feature Doco

Christmas Day

  •  6-9am: The Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Show

  •  9am-12pm: Tash McGill & Peter Wolfkamp

  •  12-1pm: Petra and Pio's Christmas Hāngī

  •  1-5pm: Rev Frank Ritchie and Friends

  •  5-6pm: Newstalk BC

Phone 0900 80 222 to make a donation of $20, charged to your phone account.

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