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CBA has a range of initiatives on the go, from radio programming through to providing free confidential personal support to those working in New Zealand's media. Find out more here.

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Love It Media

Award-winning production team

Producing radio programmes has been CBA's bread and butter for 50 years. The team produces short-form radio spots, long-form radio specials (such as our award-winning Newstalk BC and Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Shows), and is trusted by some of New Zealand's leading media networks to produce podcasts.

Love It's most unique offering is the production and direction of live radio programming. Every Sunday, our team is on Newstalk ZB with Sunday at Six with Frank and Jax (6-7.30pm) and Real Life with John Cowan (7.30-8pm). We also do 14 hours of live radio every Easter and 18 hours every Christmas on Newstalk ZB.

Find out more about Love It

If you're interested in having a listen to some of our production team's work, head to Love It's website.

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Media Chaplaincy

Supporting New Zealand's media people

CBA provides chaplaincy support to anyone in New Zealand media who would benefit from a confidential listening ear and supportive voice.


We believe that the health and well-being of the people within New Zealand’s media are central to the good work that they do. In the fast-paced and changing nature of the modern media environment, achieving balance and a sense of well-being can be difficult. For this reason, we seek to provide confidential support and encouragement to all media personnel at no cost.

Our chaplains are scattered throughout the country and are committed to blessing, loving and serving those who work in the media.

Grab a coffee on us

If you work in New Zealand’s media, head to the Media Chaplaincy website and contact our team for a free coffee and chat.

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Connecting Christians in the media

Salt is all about connecting and supporting Christians working within New Zealand’s media, helping them to remain faithful and effective in their workplace. 


There are at least 300 Christians working as producers, directors, presenters, writers, journalists, editors, technicians, designers and a vast array of other vital roles within New Zealand’s media.


We’re able to pray for these people, support and uplift them, encourage them in their faith and assure them that – as isolated as they may feel at times – they certainly are not alone. Alongside this, we offer one-on-one pastoral care and we bring Salties together for training and networking.

Join Salt

If you’re a Christian working in New Zealand’s media, head to Salt's website to sign up.


Media Prayer Day

Calling New Zealand churches to pray

Every second year we promote Media Prayer Day.


On this one day we encourage hundreds of churches throughout the country to take a few minutes of their Sunday service to join together in prayer for those who work in New Zealand’s media industry.

Aside from the anecdotal feedback, we'll never know what impact Media Prayer day has had. But as scripture says, "He will listen to us whenever we ask Him for anything in line with His will. And if we really know He is listening when we talk to Him and make our requests, then we can be sure that He will answer us." (1 John 5:14 NIV) Prayer is an ongoing ministry and we encourage you to continue to keep our media in your prayers.

Find out more

Visit the Media Prayer Day website.



Encouraging Christian media students

CBA gives out three scholarships to media students every year.

The purpose of these scholarships is to encourage and support Christian students studying for a career in mainstream media.

Our hope is that in years to come these scholarship recipients will go on to shape the conversations and stories told in New Zealand’s mass media – and we are privileged to play a small part in supporting them.

Bonus: Venn Summer Conference

All scholarship winners are invited to attend the Venn Summer Conference in January at CBA’s expense. Visit the Venn Foundation website to learn more about the conference.

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Christian voices in media

The focus of xvox is to identify a wide range of qualified, articulate and informed Christians, who are experts in their respective field, and make them available for comment in New Zealand’s news media. Our aim is that we will be a ‘go to’ place for trusted voices, and become a valuable and helpful resource for NZ’s media outlets.


​Most reporters and journalists do not know who to turn to when matters of faith, church, or Christian values become news - and those who are called upon, do not necessarily reflect the diversity or depth of Christian thought. Since the CBA team is connected to an abundance of Christians who are excellent communicators, we are able to put these people forward for comment in public discourse and to be part of the national conversation.


Additionally, we are increasingly providing media training to church and ministry leaders, and others who reach out to us for help in this area.


You can help support these initiatives!

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