A bit of Kiwi ingenuity saves CBA thousands

Over the winter months, some of the CBA team have been busy building a recording booth at our office in industrial Penrose.

For 22 years CBA has operated without our own studio. This has meant that we often need to hire a private studio to record various programmes, adding significant cost as well as needing to work around other people’s schedules.

As Phil Guyan entertained the idea of building our own recording booth, he was told he’d be lucky to complete it for under $60,000.

Would you believe we did it for $2,500!?

The plywood was generously donated by a keen CBA supporter. With the door and window picked up for a song on TradeMe, the tools brought in from Phil’s garage, and CBA staff covering 99% of the labour ourselves, our construction costs were kept incredibly low.

Insulated with acoustic Pink® Batts® and Noiseline® GIB®, even the noise of the gantry crane from the engineering company downstairs is completely silenced!

This booth allows us to quickly turn around high quality programmes at a greatly reduced cost.

You can help us fit it out

Your gift will enable us to purchase technical equipment for the booth such as a sound mixer, headphone distribution module and studio microphones.

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