After a challenging year, it’s time for some cheer

For Petra Bagust, this Christmas will be all about reflecting on a challenging year - and what better way to do so than with a traditional Māori hāngī (and if needs be, a socially distanced one!)

Petra will be joined by presenter and entertainer Pio Terei for their show, Petra and Pio’s Christmas Hāngī, which is part of CBA’s 18 hours of nationwide Christmas programming on Newstalk ZB.

“I love to take stock of the year, I love to look back and celebrate the wins and acknowledge the losses, especially after what has been one of the hardest years ever,” Petra says. “It is special to do this while returning to a traditional Māori feast of hāngī - which takes a community to set it up so it’s all about sharing and spending time together.”

Pio and Petra at their trial run for this year’s hāngī.

Petra has hosted a Christmas show on Newstalk ZB for the past 20 years. She’s broadcast from a tiny caravan, from her kitchen and even Auckland’s Christmas in the Park. This year will be a unique experience with Pio offering his home for the hāngī, which will take a full day of work to prepare. The pair will also be joined by special guests throughout the day.

“Pio is a born entertainer with a huge heart and has such an amazing way with people and sharing his love of this land,” Petra says. “He can also hold a good tune and who doesn’t love a friend who can cook?!”

Petra says the Christmas show is a great time to talk about faith, particularly at a time when people are open to talk about it.

“I am so looking forward to the wind down and reset. This Christmas, it’s less about presents and much more about presence. We can’t wait to hang out together and be grateful we all got through.”

CBA is privileged to have an experienced team of top quality broadcasters to communicate the true Christmas story with listeners in a year when the hope of Jesus is needed more than ever.

With your help, CBA will be speaking to thousands of new listeners who will hear the relevance of Jesus’ birth being discussed - in creative, and engaging ways. Thank you for your support in making this happen. •

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