Behind the scenes with Josh Couch

Updated: May 17

Above: Josh Couch, Senior Producer

The entrance to CBA’s office is lined with trophies and certificates engraved with Josh Couch’s name, recognising his creative talent, producing, writing - and occasional voicing - of CBA’s programmes.

For more than a decade, Josh has worked behind the scenes producing our weekly and seasonal radio programming and has also been a key strategist in the formation of CBA’s big initiatives - such as xvox and Media Chaplaincy.

Josh says it’s working in mainstream media which appeals to his heart for mission and is why he has stayed with CBA for 11 years.

“We’re increasingly seeing the media industry itself as a space of ministry,” the father of two says. “The way of Christ is a calling, not to power and influence - but to faithful service and to be a blessing. That is what we want to be to New Zealand’s media industry.”

Josh’s unique upbringing as a missionary kid - living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Thailand - instilled a deep theological framework for this ministry. “Interacting with people of dramatically different worldviews to mine has just been natural. This is exactly what we are doing at CBA - we’re media missionaries,” he says.

Above: Josh running the desk at Newstalk ZB • Steph, Jackson, Madeline and Josh Couch • Josh at the New York Festivals Radio Awards •

Each week you’ll find Josh (with a coffee in hand, a warm smile and a friendly welcome) preparing guests and audio for CBA’s weekly Sunday radio shows on Newstalk ZB - Real Life with John Cowan and Sunday at Six with Frank and Jax. Josh’s many diverse skills are put to good use, from his knack for storytelling right through to designing websites.

“I once lined up Tim Wilson as an interview guest after he’d returned from being the TVNZ US foreign correspondent. During the interview, we asked Tim about his views on faith and spirituality. Tim had abandoned his faith as a young man, but very recently he’d found (or had been found by) Christ again, and was a newly-committed Christian. It was a delightful surprise to stumble across while live on air.”

It’s this crucial unseen work that has a deep missional impact for CBA. As Josh puts it, “A lot of our work is focused on what is happening in a listener’s heart even before the seed is planted. If you think about the whole process of growing a harvest, you might have rocks and boulders on the field that need to be removed first. Someone needs to do the hard work of preparing the soil - and we see that as our role at CBA.”

This illustration has been a guiding principle for Josh as he considers how he can effectively share the heart of the Christian faith through all avenues of his work. •

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