CBA broadcasts the real Easter message

Sam and Julia Bloore will help CBA broadcast the heart of the Christian message this Easter on Newstalk ZB

We’re delighted to have a talented team of bright, articulate, contemporary-minded Christians presenting our 22 hours of programming this Easter weekend. Among our youthful line-up of presenters, are husband and wife Sam and Julia Bloore.

Sam was the host of CBA’s Total Recall for the past five years, is a lecturer at the Venn Foundation and a much sought after speaker. His background in medicine, bioethics, psychiatry and theology means he has diverse experience to draw on.

Julia has worked for many years as a popular television presenter, before joining CBA’s staff and founding ‘Salt’ – our network for Christians working in media. Julia now works with the Venn Foundation, teaching young people about theology, vocation, culture and how it all fits together in today’s world.

Julia says “I love working with CBA… mostly because of the people we get to work with! The CBA team are passionate about what they’re doing and that enthusiasm is contagious. being on air at Easter is really special because it gives us the freedom to be open about our Christian faith. On Waitangi day we talk about Maori/Pakeha relationships and the treaty, on Valentine’s Day we talk about all things “love”, and at Easter, we talk about Christ and what he did on the cross. It’s the ‘theme’ for this time of the year… so we can comfortably talk about that.”

Sam says “I love the conversational nature of radio – especially talkback radio. the expense associated with other forms of media (such as TV and film) make it very difficult to have a prolonged discussion about a topic and draw out some of the nuances – but radio allows you to do that. This can be really helpful when it comes to exploring a Christian angle or perspective on a topic, where there is often some complexity or misunderstanding to unpack.”

CBA has 22 hours of airtime on NZ’s two top commercial talk networks, Newstalk ZB and RadioLIVE, and will reach more than 300,000 listeners with the heart of the Easter message.

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