Phil Yule’s award-winning talent has helped CBA share the Christian faith with colour and vibrancy for decades.

Meet the genius behind so much of CBA’s success. Phil Yule’s humble demeanor belies the fact that, over the past 50 years, he has won more radio and recording awards than anyone else in NZ broadcasting.

Phil has worked with many of the ‘Greats’ of NZ radio; Paul Holmes, Kevin Black, Merv Smith and Pete Sinclair to name a few… In the world of advertising, he has worked with the best (remember that classic ‘Crunchie Bar’ TV ad?!)

His creative input, attention to detail and extraordinary sound engineering skills have been instrumental in CBA winning a plethora of awards in NZ, Australia, UK and USA… and, more importantly, creating programmes that speak to the hearts of listeners.

“I started in my mid-teens with NZBC working at 1ZB and 1YA… then Jim Frankham, who was my Bible Class leader, got me to help out with some of CBA’s early, early programming. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I like this! They’re not wanting to set up their own radio station and broadcast to the churched…

This is what the church should be doing; going out into the world and preaching the good news!

Phil Yule, John Hawkesby and Tom Bradley on the cover of the Listener in 1983.

“It was always CBA’s philosophy to make good radio. And we tapped into the culture of the time, which was late 60s, hippies, flower-power, and eventually the Jesus movement.

“You look at the technical gear we were using, and even though it was state-of-the-art at the time, we look at it now, and think, ‘How did we ever make radio programmes with that?!’

“The radio professionals would be over the moon about how well produced the radio programmes were and how well they were received by the audience. But then Christians wanted to be involved, and often didn’t quite understand what we were doing… that we were making programmes for non-Christians first and foremost, not for themselves.

“From the late 60s on the Tiri and Radio Hauraki, right through to present day, I’ve always been amazed at how relevant CBA manages to stay… working in the non-Christian world but still highly relevant and up to the minute. What really impresses me is the creativity, and the endless number of ideas that they come up with… and I’m thinking, ‘These scripts are so good, and now I’ve got to make it better, oh, what a challenge!’”

Phil Yule is quite simply a genius. In the field of commercial radio production, he is without peer. — John Hawkesby

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