CBA supporter plays matchmaker

A divine encounter at a CBA supporter’s event has led to a romantic outcome.

Last year, CEO Phil Guyan and CBA’s fundraiser Kate McGlinchey visited Nelson to meet with supporters in the area. 

Josh & Kaitlin with Keith

During the afternoon tea, TVNZ’s local reporter Kaitlin Ruddock spoke briefly about her time in television, what it’s like being a Christian working in media, and the support she’s received through CBA’s ‘Salt’ ministry.

Kaitlin’s message was well received but it wasn’t until nearly a year later that we found out the meeting led to a significant moment in her life.

Recently Kaitlin got in touch with the CBA team to ask if we could help her track down a very special CBA supporter who she had met in Nelson.

As Kaitlin shared with us: “long story short, this man mentioned to me at the afternoon tea that there was a ‘lovely young man’ who had moved to Nelson from Wellington like myself, and was in charge of the region’s cycle trails. Apparently he either went to the same church or had met him at some point during a church service.

“Thus planted a seed in my mind to find out who this “lovely young man” was … and less than a year later, I’m now engaged to him”. 

Kaitlin went on to say, along with her new fiance, Josh, that she was eager to track down the mystery supporter who had planted the seed at the meeting. 

So the investigation was ramped up, and Phil got in touch with CBA’s Nelson supporters. Soon he managed to find CBA’s very own cupid – a Nelson local named Keith Dodge. 

“Yes, I did have a conversation with Kaitlin regarding the appointment of a project manager to the Nelson cycle trails,” Keith wrote. “I don’t remember the conversation in detail, and I didn’t even pass on his name, (obviously Kaitlin has done a very good job of finding that out for herself).”

“I had met Josh after a service at the Annesbrook Nelson Church where I fellowship. This would have been about the time of his appointment as trail manager. I was delighted that a Christian had been appointed to this position and probably this is the reason I mentioned this to Kaitlin.”

Kaitlin was grateful to find the “mystery matchmaker” and soon organised a lunch with Keith to fill the blanks of the meeting and celebrate God working to bring the couple together. 

Kaitlin, who has worked as a reporter for 1 News covering the top of the South Island for three years, says she is grateful for the work of CBA as both a support and journalist. 

“I am thankful for the way CBA helps us to feel ‘seen’ – in a way that is different to the public visibility of our work,” she says.

“I am so grateful for the lengths you go to, to keep a spot on the calendar safe for Media Prayer Day. Not to mention your encouragement, personal check ins and offer of resources to support us throughout the year.”

Kaitlin and Josh will soon move to Auckland where she will be taking on a reporting role with TVNZ’s Fair Go team. 

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