Christian broadcasters of the future

L to R: Sam Donkin, Frances Wright and Cole Yeoman •

CBA recently awarded $3,000 scholarships to three media students. We asked the winners - ‘What does it mean to you, to be a Christian working in the media?’

Sam Donkin Radio Broadcasting at NZ Broadcasting School

“To be a Christian in the media, as in any other workplace, is to be an example of God’s love for others. We are called to live out our faith in the interactions and relationships we have, the way we work and the decisions we make.”

Frances Wright Media + Television/Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts

“To be a Christian working in the media means to actively reflect the life of Jesus in all that I do. It means being counter-cultural and standing firm in my beliefs even when the industry is pushing the other way - and at the same time, producing work that is to the best of my ability, knowing that it is a testimony and outpouring of my faith.”

Cole Yeoman Screen + Television at NZ Broadcasting School

“To me, it’s exactly where we need more Christians. I want to bring more understanding and grace into the industry. If I can lend my voice to encourage real conversations, and my skills to create uplifting and empowering content, then God can use those spaces to do his work.”

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