Creating space for faith on Sunday night radio

This week, both of our Sunday night programmes on Newstalk ZB created space for ‘God moments’ on air.

On Total Recall, Frank Ritchie and Petra Bagust discussed ‘wisdom’. Callers phoned in during the radio programme to share what they might tell their younger selves.

The conversation was deep and thoughtful, with one person texting in to say, ‘I would tell myself not to be so macho and uncaring towards others, including women who were in my life’.

Nearing the end of the programme, Frank and Petra read from Jesus’ teachings from the Sermon on the Mount.

The idea of Jesus being God’s self, implanted here, embodied in this world and showing a way… is something I believe in.

After Total Recall, John Cowan interviewed Abel Tasman beach campaigner Duane Major on Real Life.

During the interview, Duane succinctly articulated how his faith in Jesus is the driver that underpins the community work that he undertakes.

You can listen to the entire Real Life interview with Duane Major here.

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