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Sam & Julia Bloore on Newstalk ZB

Married broadcasters Sam & Julia Bloore teamed up once again this year to host the morning show on CBA’s 12-hour Good Friday programming on Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport.

Sam & Julz discussed how to get your kids and grand-kids off of screens during the school holidays, which led to a fantastic chat with Stu Thompson of ICONZ (formerly Boys Brigade) who shares his passion for the outdoors with the children in his charge.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Richard Goodwin PhD joined them to discuss the tricky nature of satire, as the film skewered many things held sacred to Christians, and yet also parodied elements of faith that deserve legitimate critique.

Guests Thalia Kehoe Rowden of, Greg Fleming of Parenting Place and Ken Youngson of Innerfit shared their experiences and perspectives on raising children with character who can navigate the big questions of life.

Sam & Julia wrapped up the show interviewing best-selling author William Paul Young who delve into the myriad mistaken assumptions about God people often fall into, based on his book Lies We Believe About God.

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