Frank & Jax shining light into the darkness

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Rev Frank Ritchie and Jax van Buuren wrapped up our 12-hour Good Friday programme on Newstalk ZB with a show dedicated to being the light in the darkness.

The three-hour show kicked off with an interview with Peter Lineham, author of the book Sunday Best, talking about faith in historic times of trial. Their next guest was Nikki Bray who talked about how she has coped through tough times, following the deaths of her daughter and, more recently, her husband. Nikki also shared about her ministry Family Life and tips for families going through challenges under lockdown.

Later, the pair talked to Destitute Gourmet’s Sophie Gray about tips and tricks for creating great food on a budget. 

While there is a sense of darkness about Good Friday, Frank and Jax talked about the hope of Resurrection Sunday and adding to this were a number of messages played throughout the show from Kiwis across the world encouraging those in lockdown.

Frank and Jax wrapped up their show with an interview with Chris Clarke – who talked about the state of religion in New Zealand and what we can make of our future.

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