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Grey Areas asks the gritty questions

Updated: Feb 8

The second season of Petra Bagust’s Grey Areas podcast has been a huge success, and we’ve been inundated with positive feedback from listeners. Here are a few examples:

“You are really being a voice for so many women in Aotearoa. Thanks for the honesty, the gritty questions, the vulnerability.”

“Thank you for your podcast. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It came along just when I needed it most.”

“Thank you for talking about things in the public eye that most of us struggle with privately. It’s brave and vulnerable and very appreciated.”

The good news is Petra’s being handed another platform to encourage Kiwis and take conversations deep – a weekly radio show called Sunday Sanctuary, which will be CBA’s most overtly faith-based programme yet. That kicks off on Mediaworks’ new talkback station Today FM from 19 February 2023.

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