“I love the work of CBA and count it a privilege to be a part of it.” – Paul Webber, CBA Chairman

I started my involvement with CBA a number of years ago writing and voicing scripts for the Scrubcutter radio series, giving a little bit of Christian truth, played throughout the country on Newstalk ZB’s afternoon Drivetime show.

I felt very humbled to be part of such a wonderful opportunity to have a positive, Godly input into people’s lives… and now, as we continue to produce ‘God content’ programmes every Sunday night, and Easter and Christmas… on secular radio!

Over recent years, I have watched CBA broaden its influence by supporting, encouraging and giving advice to Christians working in all avenues of the media, through the ‘Salt’ initiative. It is not always easy for Christians working in the media, and Salt is an invaluable way of helping them stay strong and wise in their various roles – and we need to keep Christians working in the media, as this is an industry which has a huge influence in any community.

And as a further extension of CBA’s Salt ministry, we have recently initiated Media Chaplaincy, which provides much needed face-to-face counselling for those working in the media. We are finding that this confidential service is being requested by both Christians and non-Christians – what an honour to be able to help in this way! This was especially apparent in the wake of the Christchurch attacks where traumatised reporters were grateful for some counselling and help in coping with what they were witnessing.

I love the work of CBA and count it a privilege to be a part of it. I was delighted to be invited to join the board a couple of years ago, and then to become the board Chairman. It is made up of capable and dedicated board members, and we’re blessed to govern a talented staff, led by Phil Guyan who has been at the helm of CBA for 24 years.

Phil and his team have many more ideas for new programmes to bless and reach NZ – but we need your financial help to achieve this.

I would like to encourage you to join me, and become a regular monthly giver, to enable us to carry out this important work of reaching those outside the church.

Will you join a dedicated group of CBA supporters who see the need to create a stable financial foundation by making a regular monthly donation? This will make a huge difference, by enabling us to make the most of these opportunities to share Jesus and His wonderful message with the country.

The easiest way is to set up an automatic payment:

• You choose the amount. • You can change or suspend your donation at any time. • We’ll send an annual receipt. • You have the knowledge that your donation will be put to use immediately in the day to day work of CBA, creating Gospel-infused radio programmes for mainstream radio audiences, funding our work of supporting Christians in mainstream media, and our chaplaincy work.

Regular giving to CBA...

Your regular donations will make a significant impact, helping CBA share the heart of the Christian faith in mainstream media. Thank you!

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