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"I'm in a position to bring people towards God"

With more than two decades in the business, Sela Alo is about as easy-going a broadcaster as you’ll ever come across.

Forget the high-energy tropes of commercial radio – for Sela, the medium is all about connecting with people, and his signature laid-back approach serves him well.

“I’ve learned over the years that you can’t fool the audience, so I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I’m very casual, I’m very conversational.”

The father-of-three – who says raising a daughter and two sons is his “greatest achievement” – is an experienced broadcaster, having worked over the last 20 years at NZME (Flava), Pacific Media Network and now Rhema Media.

He describes his current role on Life FM’s breakfast show The Morning Wake Up as a blessing, explaining that being able to discuss God and encourage listeners in their faith journey has been a means of strengthening his own.

“I’m really privileged to be in this position. Not only do I get to go on my journey with my faith, but I’m also in a position to bring others towards God.”

Sela Alo joined us on Newstalk ZB for the first time at Christmas •

Having first been part of the CBA broadcast team at Christmas, Sela joins a talented line-up of hosts for our Easter programme on Newstalk ZB. Once again, we have been granted 12 hours of airtime on Good Friday – and Sela’s looking forward to sinking his teeth into the challenge.

“I’m just excited about being in front of a new audience and getting to talk about how wonderful and hopeful and inspiring God is.”

The Good Friday broadcast provides CBA with an unparalleled opportunity to talk freely about Jesus with a massive audience of hundreds of thousands, many of whom wouldn’t hear the Gospel any other way.

And it’s not the only opportunity we have to share the heart of the Christian faith over the Easter weekend.

We’ll also have a couple of hours of nationwide airtime on Sunday night (6-8pm) on Newstalk ZB – and excitingly, we’ll be on air that morning too, with a special Easter edition of Petra Bagust’s new show Sunday Sanctuary, which airs every Sunday on Today FM (7-9am).

Sunday Sanctuary will allow us to reach a completely distinct nationwide audience at Easter, which means many thousands more listeners will hear the story of Jesus’ world-changing life, death and resurrection.

We trust God will use these programmes to touch the hearts of many listeners. •

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