Joy Reid shares her scholarship experience

Joy Reid is a regular face on our TV screens, as a 6pm ‘1 NEWS’ reporter. She also presents CBA programmes and is a former broadcasting scholarship recipient. Joy is now part of the selection panel for the 2017 CBA Broadcasting Scholarships.

We interviewed Joy about her involvement with CBA, and the impact of receiving a scholarship on her life and career…

Firstly Joy, thank you for being such an important part of CBA’s radio shows over the last 6 years. What has kept you so passionately involved? I absolutely love everything about CBA. The heart, the passion, the cause. CBA does an amazing job to stay relevant with the ever changing media environment, and is always striving to support those in the media in a practical and tangible way. I love the creativity and the shows it puts to air and how it is so passionate about making God relevant to people who may not normally hear about God in their day to day lives.

Tell us about your role at TVNZ’s 1 News. I am a 6pm news reporter for 1 News. I have been a journalist for 12 years but the past 8 have been with TVNZ. I love that I get to meet new people from all walks of life every day at work whether they be the Prime Minister, a stay-at-home Mum, a business leader or a farmer. I feel truly privileged to tell their stories and feel a responsibility to tell them well with pictures. My job basically consists of finding news stories, or responding to breaking news and then sourcing interview talent, facts and information then working with the camera man who shoots the pictures, and finally scripting a 90 second news story. The final piece in the puzzle is editing part of the pictures together myself then taking it to a video-editor who polishes up all the pictures before it goes to air at 6pm. Throughout that process I’m filing for online news/ tweeting updates etc…

Joy, you were a (CBC*) broadcasting scholarship recipient in 2003. What has that meant for you both professionally and as a Christian? Firstly it was a massive vote of confidence that someone believed in me so much that they were going to put their money behind me. It was a real boost of confidence and gave me a sense that people in the industry care about the future of journalism and want to support young Christians heading into the unknown. As a Christian (a relatively new one at the time), it made me realise that there was an army of people praying for the future of the industry and that I could be part of that. I felt so incredibly supported. Financially it was a WONDERFUL boost as it went straight on my student loan. *CBC = Churches Broadcasting Commission founded the broadcasting scholarships, before CBA took over in 2008.

Joy Reid says, “I feel privileged that I get to work in media… I am often silently in prayer for people and situations.”

What has it been like being part of the selection team for the recipients of the 2017 CBA Scholarships? I count it a true privilege to have been part of the 2017 selection process. I’m astounded at how incredible the applicants are. They truly blew me away with their enthusiasm, talent, initiative, maturity, faith and their commitment to the industry. I could scarcely believe the volunteer and extra-curricular activities they were involved with and the quality of the writing was amazing. The efforts they have gone to, to prepare themselves for their studies was inspiring. It gave me a sense that the industry will be in safe hands going forward. There are some serious world-changers out there and choosing just a few of them was a near impossible task.

Apart from the obvious financial benefit, how will these scholarships make a difference in the lives of the recipients? The scholarship will tangibly tell them that there are a bunch of people out there who wholeheartedly believe they can make a big difference in their world and workplace. Hopefully they will be able to see the commitment of those who have gone before them, or are passionate about media that there is a supportive group who are rooting for them to succeed. There is an incredible need in the industry for well-grounded, well supported Christians and this scholarship fosters this in a practical way. The scholarship event is also a great way for the recipients to meet people from the industry and each other and hopefully form some lasting powerful friendship.

How have you found it being a Christian working in NZ’s media? It can sometimes be a lonely road but CBA has been an incredible link and support over the past decade. I don’t see being a “Christian in the media” as being any different from being a “Christian in a hospital”… a “Christian on a building site”, I am so grateful for the gifts God gave me which so happened to align with a career in media and I try to live out my Christian values in whatever place I’m in. I feel privileged though that I get to work in media which allows me access to a vast array of environments and in those places, I am often silently in prayer for people and situations.

What makes presenting CBA’s programmes (on Newstalk ZB) special? CBA does some EXCELLENT programming on mainstream stations. It’s an amazing opportunity to put Christian based content on such a huge stage. It’s also a great listen and I love being part of it. For me, it’s a great opportunity to try my hand at a new skill, and have a bit of fun but also be ME (in my regular journalism job I try not to put too much personality in my news stories.) But while hosting a show, I can interact with listeners and interview talent in a new way. The topics are often fascinating and/ or fun. I really enjoy working with very talented hosts and producers and I am always so honoured to be asked to be part of it.

What do you think it is about radio that creates such an effective channel to communicate the heart of the Christian faith? Radio allows you to get right into someone’s home without necessarily being invited. People take their radio friends with them in the car, into the kitchen, outside while gardening etc… This means we get to speak to people who may not necessarily have had much Christian knowledge or exposure and share with them the message of the Gospel in a non-confrontational way. This is a truly privileged position.

Can you think of any specific highlights or moments that stand out to you from your time on air with CBA? One of my favourite moments was while interviewing Chris Clarke from World Vision. He has an incredible faith but is also so wise and an incredible communicator. He summed up the relevance of the Gospel to our generation in a new and inspiring way that was so simple and impossible to argue with. He also was an incredible example of how closely linked faith and works are especially in relation to humanitarian efforts. He blew me away and I was so chuffed that he had a platform to speak so freely to such a wide audience as normally he wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk about his God-based inspiration.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with CBA supporters? CBA goes above and beyond to stay relevant and to do the VERY best job it possibly can. The talent in the team is incredible (hence the vast number of awards they’ve won). They really are second to none, and from someone on the receiving end of their support, they are so well respected and really do an amazing job!

*CBC = the Churches Broadcasting Commission founded and ran these scholarships before CBA took over in 2009.

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