Marking 10 years of ‘Salt’ supporting Christians in media

In 2009 children’s TV presenter Julia Bloore (then Wright) approached CBA’s Phil Guyan with an idea.

Bjorn Brickell and Petra Bagust hosted a gala celebrating 10 years of Salt

She wanted to connect Christians working in the media with others who knew the unique challenges they faced integrating their faith and vocation.

Phil had been hoping to offer more support to winners of the CBA Scholarships and connect these starry-eyed young people to older Christians who could offer wisdom garnered from their own experience.

The idea germinated, grew and flourished.

In October of 2019 Petra Bagust & Bjorn Brickell hosted a spectacular evening event celebrating 10 years of Salt, CBA’s network of Christians working in NZ’s media.

The video below features three terrific media practitioners who have worked at CBA establishing and running the Salt ministry over the past decade.

Julia Bloore, Jomine Ayers & Dayna Vawdrey reflect on their respective eras leading Salt.

It’s impossible to measure the impact made over the past decade by these few hundred Christians sprinkled throughout our media industry.

In what can be a challenging and cynical industry, your support has meant that many have been comforted, encouraged, and inspired to live as ‘salt and light’.

Your support makes a difference!

You can help Christians working in media to feel supported and encouraged in their faith and vocation.

Will you help support our media ministry?

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