“My grandmother, Ma Sproull, taught me..."

“My grandmother, Ma Sproull, taught me that there’s only one good reason to make more money than you need - and that’s so that you’ve got more to give away. In my case, I’ve not been cash-rich. So the way I can apply that principle is with a gift in my Will.”

Meet Malcolm Sproull - a CBA supporter for nearly 20 years. We chatted with Malcolm about his decision to remember CBA with a gift in his Will.

“CBA is one of the top three charities I support financially. I consider it absolutely vital, especially in this time, that we get the Christian message to people on the media platforms they are using.”

“I would encourage CBA supporters to give serious thought to taking the important steps of continuing the process of stewardship of the funds they’ve been entrusted with by God, over a lifetime. I pray my gift is a blessing for the next generation. I’d encourage you to call your lawyer and set up a gift in your Will - and you can support CBA in reaching people with the love and heart of Christ.”

If you’d like to talk with our team about remembering CBA with a gift in your Will, please contact Kate McGlinchey at or call 09 525 2730.

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