Nathan King joins CBA to head up Love It Media

We’re thrilled to introduce Nathan King, our newest addition to the CBA team. Nathan has come on board to help create innovative radio content as part of our ‘Love It’ ministry.

We interviewed Nathan about joining CBA, and his perspective on New Zealand’s media…

Firstly Nathan, thank you for coming on board! Can you tell us a bit about your background, your story? I grew up in a Christian home with a mother who loved having Rhema on in the background most of the time, which was great (until I became a teenager and our tastes in music diverged a little!) Although I can’t remember any of the specifics of what I heard coming through the radio all those years ago, I noticed it was a great source of comfort and strength to my mum, who for some of those years was struggling with a difficult marriage and later, divorce. I got a first hand look at how radio has a huge ability to influence and ‘speak’ to those who are listening.

Music became a big part of my life, I started playing guitar, writing songs, and near the end of highschool formed the band ‘Zed’ with a couple of friends. We tinkered away over the next 3-4 years, I went to study Civil Engineering at Canterbury, but continued writing and performing with Zed. In 1999 we got signed to Universal Music and released our first record in 2000. It blew up, selling over 60,000 records in NZ and before long we were overseas touring with Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Seal and other big names. There were numerous challenges during that time, but God remained my Rock (awful pun, sorry) and by His grace I was able to come out the other side of that world relatively unscathed!

Nathan King is heading up our Love It Media brand providing short ‘programmettes’ to all sorts of radio stations.

We’ve called on you in the past… Tell us about your prior involvement with CBA. I’ve been honoured to be part of the team ‘on the mic’ to help make some of the previous Christmas and Easter broadcasts of CBA’s such a roaring success. I was actually quite surprised when I first heard some of NZ’s biggest radio stations entrust CBA with their airwaves over such significant dates in our calendar – it’s an amazing opportunity, a great responsibility – basically a really big deal!

When you were asked if you were keen to come on board with CBA, what made you say yes? More and more, media is infiltrating our daily lives – for better or worse. When I was asked to join the staff at CBA I felt it was a great opportunity to help address that balance and to put my energies into ‘shining light’ in a country that so desperately needs to hear God’s message of hope. A new generation are growing up being influenced by ‘personalities’ like never before. There are so many incredibly talented Christians in this country whose voices we can amplify through CBA. The impact this is having on so many levels is huge.

What are the aspects of your background/career/skill-base that made you feel that this was a logical move? Having been involved with media for years as a musician – dealing with, performing for, or being interviewed – I’ve had an excellent grounding in how the ‘machine’ works, and formed some great relationships with a large number of the movers and shakers within the radio and larger media world. Relationship is a key part of the role I’m taking on, and I hope through the trust and friendships I’ve gathered along the way I can be a real asset to the mission of CBA. I’ve found people aren’t opposed to God’s message of grace, it’s authenticity they’re looking for.

What do you like about the idea of Love It? Love It aims to create high quality content for radio that incorporates the message of Jesus. There are so many creative ways we can present His message of love and hope without alientating or turning people off. These days, people are quick to sniff out anything that is not authentic, so I’m thrilled to be helping build The Love It brand into the go-to source for good, quality radio content. The challenge of bringing Jesus’ words to the NZ public in a meaningful way is what makes the role so exciting and satisfying.

What are the things you’re excited by, as you think about the potential future of Love It, or any other aspect of CBA’s future? It’s incredible to see how the media landscape is changing so rapidly. New opportunities are opening up via the internet and social media that didn’t exist a few years ago. I’m excited to be part of a team that is involved in this change, and forging relationships with people who have the ability to influence such large parts of our population. In both traditional and new ways of communicating en-masse, I believe we have a mandate for God’s word to be part of the equation – so that’s what we’re doing!

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