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The 2022 'Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Show' team

It’s always busy at CBA, but recently things have been feeling especially full-on! Here’s an update on a few of the big things.

  • Christmas was a mammoth show, with 18 hours of programming. We reached hundreds of thousands of listeners and got so much positive feedback, with our feature about the Queen’s Christmas speeches particularly well-received.

  • Sunday Sanctuary, our new contemplative radio show on Today FM, is already connecting deeply with listeners. This piece of feedback stood out to us: “It’s so awesome to hear a radio programme that feels both profound and deep, while also being accessible and welcoming. We need more of this kind of sacredness.”

  • xvox, our service linking news media with Christian voices, is humming along now. We’ve already had more than 30 appearances in mainstream media, bringing context and analysis to some hearty topics.

  • So. Many. Podcasts! We’re launching into a hectic year of podcast releases. Grey Areas is kicking off its third season in April, and this will be followed by re_covering, Are You Mental?, our new xvox podcast, and an array of other projects.

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