PODCAST SERIES: Faith in the Time of Corona

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Tash McGill

As the globe experiences a pandemic unlike anything in our recent history, the first wave of coronavirus infections is moving towards a peak, coinciding with some of the world’s most sacred religious festivals and celebrations; the Jewish Passover, the Christian Holy Week and Easter and the Muslim festival of Ramadan.

In times of suffering and uncertainty, it is often religious practices and faith narratives that hold us together, forming a framework for grief and hope. Now, as people remain physically distant, our connection to the outside world and each other has become virtual as we cling to the news cycle to understand how this virus is progressing and when it might end.

When understanding our world and each other means understanding the religious nature of our most important rituals of life and death, what role does the voice of religion have in the media?

Tash McGill presents Faith in the Time of Corona, with Newstalk ZB.

This series was made with the support of NZ on Air as part of the Easter programming on Newstalk ZB.

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