Prayer Task Force for Easter

In Romans, Paul shares how Jesus’ death will cover our sin and judgement and that the Spirit of Life will free us from our burdens (Romans 4:24-25; Romans 8:2 & 5b). What a gift! A warm blanket of pure, divine love has been given to all believers. Can you feel it settling around your shoulders? You are free to live a life of beauty and joy. We can spread it around to all we meet!

“What unlocked the doors of the apostles’ hearts? Simple. They encountered the Christ. Their sins collided with their Saviour and their Saviour won!” – SIX HOURS ONE FRIDAY, MAX LUCADO

Christian Broadcasting Association continues to spread this God-given joy in the lead-up to the Easter season as they line up a team of talented communicators to lead our listeners through Good Friday and Easter Sunday on two separate radio networks, as well as continuing their quality Sunday evening broadcasts. Pray for encouragement, creativity and delight within all those preparing this programming and doing all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work. May they know God’s strength. Pray especially for listeners, that they may hear and experience that same God-given joy.

Welcome and pray for our two new people, Nathan and Grace, as well as for our Salt chaplain, Rev Frank Ritchie, who is replacing Sam Bloore on Sunday nights.

Now let’s get on out there, and bless others with God’s amazing gift of love through His magnificently risen Son, Jesus Christ! Tell the story often, that others may also live and love through our Lord! Enjoy a blessed Easter.


Marsha Fellet

PTF Leader

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