Sam & Julia Bloore’s Good Friday morning programme

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Married broadcasters Sam and Julia Bloore teamed up once again this year to host the morning show on CBA’s 12-hour Good Friday programming on Newstalk ZB.

Looking at DIY and creativity during the lockdown, the show featured Mike Cooney of Grapevine Magazine and Sarah O’Neil from during hour one.

Parenting during lockdown was the flavour of the second hour, with the pair talking to parenting expert John Cowan, then kids television presenter Suzy Cato shared about a new series of at-home school lessons which she is hosting.

Former baptist minister Thalia Kehoe Rowden of discussed the challenges of discussing hefty topics like COVID-19 and Good Friday with your kids.

Host of video series Jesus Game Changer Karl Fasse shared his take on the impact of Christ in our world.

Sam & Julia also interviewed Karen Spoelstra about the way that Christianity challenged the place of women and children in society.

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