Sharing hope on talkback radio this Easter

Updated: Mar 18

Jax van Buuren has been described as someone who lights up every room she enters. The same can be said every Sunday night when Newstalk ZB’s phones light up with listeners wanting to chat with her on air.

For eight years, Jax’s laughter and positivity have made her a regular fixture on CBA’s Christmas and Easter programming while also co-hosting CBA’s weekly Sunday night programme on Newstalk ZB. The show - known, until recently, as Total Recall - is now called Sunday at Six with Frank and Jax, to allow the team to inject more personality and current news related conversations into the programme.

The success of the Sunday night programme is partly a testament to Jax’s commitment to CBA’s mission and her experience, having previously worked in mainstream radio for 12 years. “The thing I love about radio is the chance for people to tell their story,” Jax says. “In a sea of talkback, our show is unique because of what we bring to the table. Empathy is a biggie for us - and a willingness to delve deep when we need to.”

Born and bred in Whangārei, Jax started in radio working in promotions and sales before she was encouraged by her boss to take up a position as a Breakfast announcer on Classic Hits. Despite having little real on-air experience, she thrived in the job.

Fast forward 12 years and CBA approached her with the opportunity to present a new show - with the mission to share the heart of the Christian faith.

“To be a part of presenting life-changing truth that can fill our listeners with joy, hope or just a quiet reassurance, is like nothing else.”

“I am always mindful of our mission and am full of gratitude every time I turn on my microphone.”

When she’s not in front of a microphone, Jax can be found in her vegetable garden or tending to her beef calves. The mother of an adorable young daughter, she is also a passionate flyfisher and hiker.

As one of CBA’s regular Easter and Christmas announcers, Jax says it is the creative process and high-quality production which draws her back every year. With Easter just around the corner, Jax is looking forward to working with co-host Rev Frank Ritchie on another show that helps to share the message of hope.

“Working with Frank is brilliant because he gets to flex his theology muscles - especially at Easter. I am constantly impressed with his knowledge of the Christian faith and his ability to present it gently.”

“Weeks before the show we’ll be thinking about how we can present content in a fresh and relatable way, throwing our ideas into the pool of imagination - and the results fill me with elation every time.” •

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