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Sunday Sanctuary launches on Today FM

Last Sunday morning, we broadcast our very first new Sunday Sanctuary radio show hosted by Petra Bagust on Today FM. In acknowledgement of the devastation of the last week, we changed the entire show just two days before we went to air in an attempt to hold a space where listeners could catch their breath and find some solace.

The feedback was more than we could have imagined:

Thank you! That was just what I needed to hear!”

“I was so touched, so inspired and so hopeful. So many people I think crave sacred space and spiritual sanctuary but feel really turned off by organised religion (myself included). It's so awesome to hear a radio programme that feels both profound and deep, while also being accessible and welcoming. We need more of this, a kind of sacredness, in homes, in schools, in offices. Thank you, thank you Petra and the team. I'm so grateful for your awesome mahi.”

“Thank you for pointing me back to Jesus. I hope to be a regular listener.”

It’s the support of people such as you that has made it possible for CBA to create a ‘sanctuary’ for people for two hours every Sunday. In the midst of crisis, Sunday Sanctuary can shine a light in dark places and bring people the comfort they need.

If you missed the first show, you can listen to a short clip of a special recording that played out on Sunday, which offered listeners a chance to lament and also find hope in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle. We hope it encourages you. Click here to listen.

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