Unsung heroes of CBA’s history

Jim & Bev Frankham

Two unsung heroes of CBA’s story are Jim and Bev Frankham. Jim was the driving force behind the formation of CBA 50 years ago… his family coastal shipping company, AG Frankham Ltd, owned the ship, ‘Tiri’, which Radio Hauraki used for their fledgling radio station, and from which the first CBA programmes were broadcast. Jim was the Chair of CBA from 1995-2016 along with Bev serving as a Trustee for those 21 years. Their vision, leadership and many years of faithful service are undoubtedly the reason CBA is flourishing to this day.

Ray Wakelin

What we achieve today at CBA is the legacy of far-sighted pioneers back in the 1960s and 70s. Ray Wakelin recalls, “I had a tape recorder that my parents gave me and I built a studio in my basement but, honestly, we didn’t know what we were doing!” Ray’s home studio became CBA’s production centre for years. “Volunteers would come around every night and we would build all the equipment, because you couldn’t buy it. We struggled, but we taught ourselves. Every Thursday, I would take the day off work and we’d do the whole week’s production.” Though never on the payroll, Ray gave a huge amount of his time into getting CBA off the ground, creating commercial quality recordings that were broadcast on stations all over New Zealand.

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CBA was founded 50 years ago by a small band of visionaries, who were backed by a small handful of financial supporters. That’s now you! Who knows where CBA will be in another 50 years from now, in 2069?

Your bequest could make all the difference… so, please consider remembering CBA with a gift in your Will. Click the button to read more, or talk with your solicitor next time you’re revising your Will. Thank you!


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