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From 1996 to 2014, Newstalk ZB ran daily short-format programmes produced by CBA during their network windows outside the major centres.

Often when Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch heard a traffic report, the rest of the country heard a 90-second programme produced by CBA called Scrubcutter.

What's in a name?

In 1995, when Phil Guyan began at CBA, he was introduced to the management at
Newstalk ZB and set to work learning all he could about their programming needs.

When he pitched his first idea to the management they said they could handle that sort of thing in-house and it made no sense to get CBA to do it. “It’s like you’re offering to mow our lawns” they told him “and we already have our own lawn mower. If we were to take programmes from an external provider it would have to be something we couldn’t do ourselves… like hiring in the specialist landscaper to cut back the scrub”.

The next idea Phil pitched had the working title Scrubcutter, and the name stuck.

A faith-infused slice of life

Leaning on the talents of a wide range of writers and presenters, as well as the extraordinary skill of sound-engineer Phil Yule, Scrubcutters often provided a brief thought for the day or poignant story that encouraged and uplifted the audience with the gentle influence of a Christian worldview peeking out from time to time.

All good things…

In 2014 we were informed that Newstalk ZB would be discontinuing Scrubcutter due to a change in their broadcasting format. In a tumultuous industry, we reckon 18 years was a good run.

A new life in Australia

We’re not producing any new Scrubcutter programmes, but our extensive back-catalogue has found a new audience over the Tasman. Partnering with Focus on the Family Australia, we’ve been able to extend the reach of Scrubcutter to hundreds of additional radio stations throughout Australia.

Help create new opportunities

Your gift will enable us to plan and pitch new show concepts to New Zealand's leading stations.

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