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Leave a gift in your Will

Your contribution will make a huge difference and it will go on making a difference long into the future.

How much should I leave?

We would encourage you to give as you feel you can, we receive gifts small and large. It’s easy to add a paragraph to your existing Will. A suggestion for the wording can be found below.


If you don’t have a Will, see a solicitor or the Public Trust. It will make the distribution of your estate much easier and give you peace of mind.

Wording in the Will

This is the wording required to remember CBA in your Will. This paragraph can just be added to your existing Will.


“I hereby bequeath to Christian Broadcasting Association Trust, free of all taxes, duties and expenses, – the sum of $………. [or “the residue of my estate”] [or a description of assets or property] [or ……% of my estate] for the general purposes of the Trust.

The Trust’s receipt signed by one of the Trustees shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s) who shall not be bound to see to the application thereof.”

Giving by bequest - the family comes first

When drawing up your Will, we encourage you to think of your family first.  Speak with your family about your plans so they understand why you’re choosing  to remember CBA in your Will.


We also recommend that you seek professional advice and speak with your lawyer about preparing or altering your Will. There are a numbers of ways to remember CBA in your Will:

  • a specific dollar amount

  • a specific % of your estate

  • a specific gift, asset, or property

  • the residue of your estate

Meet Malcolm

 We recently visited Malcolm Sproull, who has been a CBA supporter for 20 years.


He talks passionately about his decision to support CBA with a gift in his Will, saying, “There is no more important message in the world than the fact that Christ is who he said he is. And that message needs to be broadcast in every way we can, for generations to come. You guys at CBA are some of the best talent on the planet to get that message out there.” 

Image by Alvaro Reyes
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Let us know

Please let us know if you have left or are considering leaving a gift in your Will to CBA. We would love to thank you for this gift and and stay in touch.


If you would like to speak with us, phone Kate on 09 525 2730.

Further questions

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your Will to CBA, or would like further information, please  contact us by email, or phone Kate on 0800 772 937 to discuss it personally.

Feel free to download a PDF of our CBA Bequest Brochure to read more about leaving a gift in your Will.

Our Charities Services number is CC 20478.

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