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Winter 2021

In this edition of CBA News, we meet Senior Producer Josh Couch, who has been on the team since February 2010.


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Behind the scenes with Josh Couch

“We’re increasingly seeing the media industry itself as a space of ministry. The way of Christ is a calling, not to power and influence -  but to faithful service and to be a blessing. That is what we want to be to New Zealand’s media industry.” Josh Couch

The entrance to CBA’s office is lined with trophies and certificates engraved with Josh Couch’s name, recognising his creative talent, producing, writing - and occasional voicing - of CBA’s programmes.


For more than a decade, Josh has worked behind the scenes producing our weekly and seasonal radio programming and has also been a key strategist in the formation of CBA’s big initiatives - such as xvox and Media Chaplaincy.


Josh says it’s working in mainstream media which appeals to his heart for mission and is why he has stayed with CBA for 11 years.

Read the rest of Josh's story here.

Stephanie Soh_CBA Good Friday 2021_Low R
Stephanie Soh_CBA Good Friday 2021_Low R

Radio going strong

Radio has once again proved itself to be an effective medium for communicating the faith to large audiences.


A national GfK April 2021 survey revealed 3.7 million Kiwis over the age of 10 (that’s 82 percent of New Zealanders) listen to radio each week. Radio is still going strong!


This is encouraging to see. Sharing the Good News with people who are yet to hear means going to where they are - and we can only do this with your financial support.

Please give generously so we can continue our weekly and seasonal programmes on mainstream media. Every donation will be carefully used to progress the mission, reaching out with the love of Christ.


To donate via online bank transfer, please use our account number, 12-3110-0014706-00  - please include your donor number (if known) as a reference. Or visit our Giving page to donate by credit card. Thank you!

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