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You can support CBA without spending a cent by helping us spread the word! Here are some ways you can connect with CBA and to encourage others to do the same.

Share our website

You can help out enormously by simply emailing our website to friends who might be interested in CBA.


You could share our promotional video, or send them information on one of our programmes. During our seasonal appeals you can help by sharing videos and links for Christmas and Easter.

Engage with us on Facebook

Engaging with our posts is a great way to raise awareness of CBA among your friends. Click here to see our Facebook page.

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Promote us in your church

Your church can help us by promoting our appeals and sharing the latest news. Take a look at our church resources:

Become an advocate

A CBA Advocate is someone who supports CBA’s mission and is happy to ‘wave the flag’ for us occasionally at church (or within a home group).

We simply ask you to stand up at your church for a minute or two, maybe three or four times per year, to let people know about CBA’s activities.

Examples might be:

  • Encouraging people to invite friends and neighbours to tune in to our Christmas or Easter broadcasts.

  • Telling people about a particularly interesting guest coming up on Real Life with John Cowan

  • Highlighting CBA’s Christmas or Easter appeal

  • Inviting people to prayer when we run Media Prayer Day (every second year)

We’ll send you everything you’ll need. Sign up below.

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Sign up today!

​Please note:

  • You must be able to receive information by email.

  • We can only have one or two CBA Advocates per church.

  • We’d like to check with your pastor/priest/minister that you’re suitable, and explain to them what it’s about. By completing the form below, you’re giving us permission to ask them about you.

Thanks, we'll be in touch.

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